August 2017


Farewell, Roshi Sarah!  We will see you in September!  Wishing you safe travels, beautiful dreams, fearless and memorable adventures, and, great stillness.  Thank you for your inexhaustible generosity to us.  As always, we give you many deep bows; and, as well, our commitment to our practices.   A long time ago there was a call of the heron saying “The world needs this.”  

Ongoing Events

Newcomer Orientation: 2nd Monday of the month,
CC Shove Chapel, Dharma Hall upstairs at 5:45 pm for anyone who would like some orientation to meditation, to our tradition, or to our sangha and customs.


5:15 Dharma Study and Discussion before Monday night meditation.  Until Sarah returns in September, Frank Actis and Clay Taylor will be substituting as discussion leaders.     
Shove Chapel Downstairs, from the north entrance. These discussions  focus on supporting an ongoing practice in all of its aspects. Anyone is welcome to join in. This summer, we’ll be taking up short chapters from two books:  Samurai Zen: The Warrior Koans, by Trevor Leggett, and The Hidden Lamp, ed. by Florence Caplow and Susan Moon. Each chapter is self-contained, so you can join in at any time.

Buddhism and the 12 Steps 
For more information contact Jacque Minehart at

Steering Committee Meeting: August 8th at Linda Hodges’ house. Contact Linda at for further information.

Dharma Talks by Andrew Palmer:  the 3rd Wednesday of each month, in Pueblo at Wet Mountain Sangha. The service will begin at 6:00 pm.  Starting at 5:00, Andrew will lead a Practice Check In. This is a chance to meet with Andrew and other members to discuss our actual practices and our lives. Feel free to bring any inquiries, or just yourself.


August 20th:  SMS 2nd Annual Retreat/Hike  at Catamount Ranch Open Space (outside of Woodland Park)
This will be a moderate level hike, 3-4  hours total, with everyone bringing a bag lunch.  We will bring in a koan, we will sit, and we will do a period of silent walking.  Beyond your bag lunch and plenty of water, please consider bringing something to share which can include food, a poem, a song or a hiking story.  I will be out of state through July into early August, please RSVP to me when you can commit.  Thank you!

August 21:  There will not be a dharma talk on the 21st as Sarah will be away.  We will have two periods of meditation instead.

August 27:  Dharma Talk, Andrew Palmer, Sensei

Looking Ahead


September 9th:  Zen Threads will begin its third season with Brandy Lancaster.

September 22-23:  Intro to Zen, Frank Actis and Liz Cramer
Fall Koan Serieswith Sarah Bender, Roshi
at Creek Bend Zendo, 7528 Jenkin Place

September 24, October 1,8, 15, November 6  


Fall Retreat: October 23 – October 29 at The Abbey in Canon City

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Opportunities for Engagement and Interest

(In the wider community,not sponsored by SMS)
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