Koans for June 18 and 25

Koan Gatherings with Sarah Bender
Creek Bend Zendo, 7528 Jenkin Place
Sundays, June 18 and 25, 3 to 5 PM

Dear Friends,

For the next two Sunday afternoons we’ll take up together several koans from the record of Dongshan .
Everyone is welcome to join in.
for info:  sembender@gmail.com

A student asked, “What is the essence of shunning the world?”
“Reverend!” There is smoke rising under your feet,” said Dongshan.
Something suddenly opened for the student, who did not go wandering elsewhere.
Someone commented, “Under no circumstances should you be ungrateful to Dongshan, under whose feet smoke is also rising.”
Dongshan said, “Walking the Darkling Path is persevering in practice.”

When Dongshan first set out on a pilgrimage, he met an old woman carrying water.  He asked for a drink.
The old woman said, “I will not stop you from drinking, but I have a question I must ask first. Tell me, how dirty is the water?”
“The water is not dirty at all,” said Dongshan.
“Go away and don’t contaminate my water buckets,” replied the old woman.

When Dongshan was crossing a river with Uncle Mi of Shenshan, he asked, “How does one cross a river?”
“Don’t get your feet wet,” said Shen-shan.
“At your venerable age, how can you say such a thing!” said Dongshan.
“How do you cross a river?” asked the other.
“Feet don’t get wet.”

Someone asked, “When a dying person passes away, where does she go?”
“After the fire, a single reed stem,” said Dongshan.

Someone asked, “What sort of thing is the teacher of Vairocana (the highest Buddha, source of all others) and the essence of the Dharma-body?”
“Hay and corn stalks.”

We’re suggesting a donation of $10
per person.