Nothing Hidden: A Koan Retreat with Andrew Palmer, Sensei


   One day the poet Huang Tingjian was visiting his teacher Huitang. Huitang said, “You know the passage in which Confucius says, ‘My friends, do you think I’m hiding things from you? In fact, I’m hiding nothing from you.’ It’s just the same with the Great Matter of Chan. Do you understand?”
“I don’t,” Huang replied.
Later Huitang and Huang were walking in the mountains, where the air was filled with the scent of sweet-olive blossoms. Huitang asked, “Do you smell that fragrance?”
Huang said, “I do.”
Huitang said, “See, I’m hiding nothing from you.”

Nothing Hidden: A Koan Retreat
with Andrew Palmer, Sensei

March 10-11, 2017
The Center for Inner Peace
740 W 15th Street, Pueblo

Cost: $35

Friday Evening 6:30-9 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m

The Koan Way is one of transformation and freedom, an invitation to discover our place among the endless changes of life and abide there. That place is always right where we are, the light of our awakened nature constantly shining, and the abiding is intimate and deep. Koans help us see and experience this for ourselves, releasing an inherent freedom and opening the way to engaging more fully with life and the world around us.

During the retreat there will be meditation, dharma talks and discussion, large and small group exploration, and time for individual reflection. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. Please bring along something to write with and a notebook/journal. We will have a bring-your-own brown bag lunch on Saturday; drinks and light snacks will be available throughout the retreat.

Everyone is welcome. Full time participation only. Financial assistance available.

To register please contact Diane:  or 719-248-4285