Recommended Reading

We recommend that you investigate the reading list that can be found at Awakened Life’s web site and the Open Source web site.

We especially recommend Joan Sutherland’s book, Acequias & Gates : Miscellaneous Koans and Miscellaneous Writings on Koans. You can order Hard Cover, Soft Cover or PDF versions of this important work at: Blurb.Com

Also available:

Vimalakirti & the Awakened Heart : A Commentary on The Sutra that Vimalakirti Speaks by Zen teacher Joan Sutherland, Roshi is a timeless meditation on developing a peaceful and generous heart in a world of sorrows, and on how the awakening of each of us is an inextricable part of the awakening of the world. It’s the first volume in a collection called Pilgrim’s Bundle, handbooks on traditional philosophy, practices, and poetry in a contemporary voice.

Please purchase this via “CreateSpace”: so that more of your funds will find our Cloud Dragon.