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October 2014 Harvest Retreat

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Harvest Retreat

October 15-19, 2014
The Abby, Canon City

About Retreat Practice, and about our Harvest Retreat

People often ask me, “How can I deepen my practice?”

Just asking the question is a great start.  Ask it of yourself in the mirror in the morning - and listen to the response you give yourself.  Ask the clouds and stones, the people, dogs and trees, who witness the day and night with you.  There are so many ways.

Pretty much everyone I know who has sustained a nourishing meditative practice has said one thing:  attending meditation retreats has been key.  They can’t imagine how they could have done without them.  And I add my “Amen!”

When you  enter retreat, you join others in laying down a slew of burdens and distractions.  You enter a simplified time and space where, with the supportive energy of shared intention and the collaboration of a teacher, you can join the deep silence and stillness in, around, under and through everything.  You can find the courage to simply be with your life as it is - with yourself as you are - and welcome the “Honored Guest” in the form of koans and other teachings.  You can hear the deepest calls of the heart-mind, and respond.

It takes guts to do this, even if it’s not your first time, and it takes a commitment o time and resources.  But if you are ready, go for it.  It’s a kind offering you can make towards freedom in the world, for yourself and others.

A theme running through this October’s Harvest Retreat will be words from Hakuin Ekaku’s “Praise Song for Meditation”: This very place is paradise; this very body, the Buddha.”  If Hakuin is describing his real, actual experience, what is this?

If you have other questions about this meditation retreat, please don’t hesitate to talk with a leader or to the registrar Steve Milligan or (719) 633-5925; or,  contact me at
Sarah Bender, Sensei

The cost of this retreat is; $425 full time.  $90/day part time.   Depost: $150.
Deadline for Registration:  October 5. The retreat registration form can be downloaded from this link.

Mandala Enlightenment Concert

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Mandala Enlightenment Concert

by Jane Rigler

Thursday, June 26th at 5:30 PM I.D.E.A Space
825 N Cascade Avenue, Cornerstone Arts building, Colorado Springs, CO

Jane Riger, flutes/composition will perform original musical works with intention to enrich the meditative experience of the “Mandala of Enlightenment:  the Dhyani Buddhas” exhibit.  This 50 minute concert will explore deep listening concepts, sonically detailing the intricacies and background stories behind the traditions of the images, as well as offer new insights.

Flutist, composer, and educator Jane Rigler (Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Colorado, Colorado Spring) has performed nationally and internationally as a soloist and in ensembles in contemporary music festivals premiering new works and compositions written especially for her.  She as been granted numerous awards and residencies nation-wide for her works that center on community-building, stretching the boundaries of musical performance and audience interaction.  Through her works and her manual The Vocalization of the Flute she has become known for innovations in flute performance, techniques, and musical vocabulary.  Rigler’s works range from solo acoustic pieces to multi-disciplinary interactive electronic ensemble works.  In 2009-10 Jane received the Japan United States Friendship Commission Fellowship and has since returned to Japan several times to premiere her sound installations and performance projects.

As noted in our July Newsletter Dr. Rigler will be playing and speaking to Springs Mountain Sangha Monday, August 11th 6:10 at Shove Chapel during our sit.  We enthusiastically invite you to attend both events as we enjoy these offerings and experience the skill of deep listening as well as  the beauty of her playing.