Sarah Bender’s Roshi Celebration


Roshi Celebration

Sarah Bender
Roshi of the Pacific Zen School

“Noble servant in the Temple of  Heron Dreaming”


You are invited to a celebration by Springs Mountain Sangha honoring Sarah Bender Roshi’s receipt of transmission in the Zen Buddhist tradition.

Transmission invests a person with the title “Roshi,” which translates as “Old Master.”  It acknowledges that one teacher is handing to another the authority and responsibility to embody, teach, co-create and pass on the Dharma in this lineage.  A Sensei already has full authorization to teach in our lineage and to give formal refuge in the Bodhisattva Way.  A Roshi in addition has the authority to make someone a Sensei and to name a successor, thus continuing the line of succession in our Way.

Sarah received transmission from her teacher Joan Sutherland Roshi in June of this year.  It is a mark of distinction and places special responsibility on our community to support her in this new role.  So along with honoring her, this celebration is a way for us as a sangha to renew our vows and rededicate ourselves to the Bodhisattva Way.

The celebration will take place on Saturday, November 4, from 2-4 p.m. in Shove Chapel on the campus of Colorado College and will include a reception.  Persons of all faiths are welcome.

RSVP will be greatly appreciated.  If you plan to attend, please contact Liz Cramer.  Her email address is: