SMS Action! Introduction and Mission Letter

Dear Bodhisattvas,

We would like to offer you a formal introduction and welcoming to SMS Action!

We vow to save all beings, but how? Where do we begin? What causes really matter to us? What is absolutely vital to our awakening?

We are creating a space to engage in realizing our Bodhisattva vows, bringing them to life through compassionate action and fearless shared inquiry.

Our aim is to:

– Network and connect with local organizations that support causes that are important to us
– Establish and maintain relationships throughout the community that allow us to make our Zen practice more accessible
– Provide the Sangha with calendars, links, and outlets to become or stay engaged with the causes we choose to support
– Create and host events such as gatherings, talks, fundraisers and retreats that connect different groups and empower our community through engagement and awareness

We stand rooted firmly in the core values of compassion, generosity, love, and radical inclusiveness. We rely on Buddhist traditions of presence, deep inquiry and skillful action.

If this way moves you, then join us in an expression of inspired action and service to our community. May our work to ease the suffering of the world bring us to a place of collective awakening.

Many bows,
SMS Action!

P.S. Please see the January 2018 SMS Newsletter (coming soon) for further information!