Support SMS

Springs Mountain Sangha welcomes your support with gratitude, whatever way(s) you desire to offer it.

We support Springs Mountain Sangha through DanaDana is one of the Paramitas (which also includes meditation and wisdom) that specifically refers to generosity.  Through our giving and receiving generously, we are supported as we support others.

As we support others, including this Sangha, we may not know the results of this giving and may not know how we will benefit from these gifts. However, as we offer this generosity, all beings (including you) are saved.

So, how can we support the Sangha?

  • We can offer our own Practice: Your own Practice opens your own heart as well as the heart of others.
  • We can offer our participation and presence: SMS offers several ways of gathering together: Weekly Meditation, Koan Seminars, Book Study Groups and Retreats. Your presence offers support and encouragement to others.
  • We can offer our Work: In the ongoing activities of the Sangha, there are many opportunities for Work Practice: Helping set up and tear down, bringing Flowers or serving tea and cookies for Meditation Services, bringing food for events or helping in the cleaning and upkeep of Creek Bend Zendo (Sarah’s home) are all forms of Work Practice.
  • We can offer our Service: Another type of Work Practice, Service can be in the form of: offering to learn the forms and to lead Meditation Services and lead in Retreat positions, joining the various committees needed to keep the Sangha running (e.g. the Retreat Planning Committee or the Sangha Steering Committee).
  • We can offer our Money: The Sangha has financial requirements that due to supporting our Teachers and the various activities offered.
  • We can commit to the Sangha by joining as a Member. There are no requirements for Sangha Membership besides offering all of these: A commitment to practice, participation and service in the benefit of others.

If you would like to offer flowers or to help with tea and cookies for Meditation Services, please contact one of the service leaders.  To help on with retreat planning or one of the on-going committees, please contact a Teacher or one of the Steering Committee members.

One of the most common questions, when it comes to Dana, is about the topic of money. Springs Mountain Sangha has a remarkably full schedule of meditation and study opportunities, especially for a fairly small group. We can do this because a number of our members are very generous with their time and talents. We offer three weekly sittings, study groups, retreats, talks by our teachers and others, and other events.

Teachers receive Dana from Sangha resources in the form of monetary contributions to help them in their generosity in their time and efforts in helping the Sangha and the larger community. Our Teachers are Lay Teachers, with outside responsibilities, including their own family and financial responsibilities.

Contributions from members and friends are the Sangha’s sole financial resource. Your contributions are tax deductible, as Springs Mountain Sangha is a registered Colorado Church, for charitable giving purposes.

The budget of Springs Mountain Sangha is approved by the entire Sangha at annual All Sangha Meetings.

Here are some other great reasons support out Sangha finances:

  • Donate to support our operating costs
    For a Sangha to flourish; to support the practice of members and others who come and go, to be a vital Buddhist presence in the larger community, and to offer the Dharma as generously as we can, involves recurrent costs for teacher support, communications, gifts, ritual supplies, food for retreats and other events, study groups,—all the items needed for a nonprofit organization.
  • Donate toward a facility
    While we benefit enormously from the warmhearted generosity of Colorado College, renting or owning our own facility would allow us to use our energies more fully. Retreats and other events would no longer require moving all the cushions, ritual supplies, food, et cetera. A facility is a long-term project; please help get it started.
  • The True Heart Scholarship Fund in Honor of Mitchell Goldbaum
    If you wish to support the ability of all members to attend our retreats, regardless of their financial situation, consider giving to this fund. Just put a note on your check to indicate that your donation is for this purpose.

Please make checks out to: Springs Mountain Sangha.

Or make your donation through PayPal Donate. If you don’t have a personal PayPal account, simply click on “Continue” and enter your credit card information. Thank you for your donation.