The Improbable Feast: an Introduction to the Zen Practice of this very life


Zen, a meditation-centered Buddhist tradition, starts with considering that this very life of yours, this very body, heart and mind of yours, might make up the stuff of your liberation…and the liberation of all of us.

You explore this possibility by stopping right in the midst of everything and being very still, listening, opening body, heart and mind to what is offered.

Zen has evolved, over many centuries and through different cultures, methods and means of supporting this very simple, but not easy activity.

In the Open Source, our particular stream of Zen, we especially delight in working with koans, which are both tool and a means of deep, artful play for awakening.

This introduction to Zen practice will give you tools to get started with an uncomplicated, straightforward kind of meditation. You might be amazed to find that being still can reveal the vast, luminous space in which every tiny bit of your life arises, an unending generosity that can sustain your heart and build the courage to meet the challenges of your today.

When: Thursday evenings 7 to 8:30 PM
January 25, February 1, 8, 15, 22
Where: Shove Chapel on the CC Campus
1010 North Nevada
Suggested Donation: $50 (Free for CC Students)

Contact: Liz Cramer @