Weekly Meditation Schedule

Weekly Meditation Schedule (click to see the calendar):


Shove Chapel, 1010 North Nevada Ave., on the Colorado College campus (click here for a map)
Monday Evenings 6:10-8 p.m

Monday Evenings: 5:15 p.m.
Shove Chapel, downstairs: Continuing discussions with Sarah Bender or Andrew Palmer. This is an ongoing opportunity to explore the territory of practice, a varied landscape with ups and downs, detours, bright spots, foggy areas, periods of struggle, and periods of ease. Discussing such practice matters with others who are sharing the journey is beneficial for all who take part, so bring what is most alive for you at any given moment, along with your questions and curiosity

First Monday of the month

25-minute period of meditation.
Sutra Service.
Second 25-minute period of meditation.

Second Monday

Newcomer Orientation 5:45.
Meditation, recite Precepts, Community Night.

Third Monday

Meditation, Dharma Talk.

Fourth Monday

Meditation, Dharma Talk.

Fifth Monday

Way Seeking Mind talk by a Sangha member.

Wednesday Mornings

6:30-7:30 a.m.
Two 25-minute periods of meditation with walking meditation in between and vows at the end of the hour.

Saturday Meditation
6:30 – 8:30 a.m.
Four 25-minute sitting meditations, each followed by walking meditation.

The first Saturday of the month: “Zen Threads”:

8:00 AM Someone will give a brief talk or presentation (10-15 minutes). This might be to bring in something he or she has read, seen, heard, lived, noticed or a topic of interest, perhaps a question to raise with the group. Discussion will flow, and we’ll close with our vows at 8:25 as usual. Once our nomadic Dharma hall is packed away, all who are interested will go to Wooglins for breakfast and more conversation.